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Продукция «TriS»

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T-3 Plaster

TriS brand

It is used for leveling of surfaces of building facades and structures above the basement level without a lath in the layer up to 30 mm, and also for repairing splits, pot holes, cavities and cracks in the layer up to 60 mm. Manual and machine application in external and interior works. Recommended bases: concrete, foam concrete, brick, sand-cement, gas silicate and other non-deformable surfaces. It has high adhesive and crack-resistance characteristics and ensures long-term preservation of the quality of the surface obtained.


Specifications: 5745-001-43819168-07
Packaging option: 25 kg.
Application temperature range: +5-+30°С.
The amount of water per 1 kg.: 0,18-0,21 l.
Layer thickness: до 5-30 мм.
Material consumption at 10 мм: 12-16 kg/m2
Water solution viability: 120 min.
Время твердения: 24 hours.
Adhesion strength: 0,4 MPa.
Compressive strength: 9 MPa in 28 days.
Frost resistance: 35 cycles.
Storing period: 12 months.