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Продукция «TriS»

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T-1 Machine Applied Plaster

TriS brand

It is ideal for leveling of walls and ceilings in rooms with normal humidity for subsequent finishing which is ceramic tile laying, wallpapering, painting, etc. using plaster machine. Surface finishing in humid heated premises is possible only with further ceramic tiling and careful toweling of tile joints.
This plaster is used for concrete, foam concrete, gypsum and cement-sand bases, brick masonry, as well as for other non-deformable bases.

GOST: 31377-2008
Packaging option: 25 kg.
Application temperature range: +5-+30°С.
The amount of water per 1 kg.: 0.25-0.27 l.
Layer thickness: 5-30 мм.
Material consumption: 8-9 kg/m2 at 10 mm.
Water solution viability: 120 min.
Adhesion strength: 0.4 MPa.
Compressive strength: not less than 5 МПа.
Initial setting time: no earlier than 90 минут.
Storing period: 12 months.