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Продукция «TriS»

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Winter Construction Foam

TriS brand

This foam is used for installation of windows and doors, seam sealing, facing of outer doors, sealing of through shakes and also as thermal insulation and sound-proofing in winter conditions. It has homogeneous consistency and is characterized with a small further extension. It is resistant to humidity and fungus. This foam has adhesive characteristics. This foam is bonded very well to many construction materials apart from teflon, polyethylene, polypropylene and silicone surfaces. It is stable to temperature gradients, it hardens under the influence of air humidity. It is produced in aerosol containers to be used with a special pistol.


Specifications: 2254-055-18738966-2012
Packaging option: 1020 g.
Application temperature range: -18-+35°С.
Curing time: 24-48 hours.
Secondary extension:
Volume at the output: up to 65 liters.
Storing period: