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Продукция «TriS»

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Windows Construction Foam

TriS brand

This construction foam is intended for installation of stained-glass windows, large window units, window sills, attachment of wall panels, hermetic sealing of cracks and cavities, for frost protection and noise insulation, and also for building and construction works, finishing works and assembly works. Monocomponent polyurethane foam of high quality is adhesive to the majority of construction materials such as concrete, brick, bonding plaster, wood and plastic apart from polyethylene, polypropene and polytetrafluoroethylene. It ensures a proportional and stable output and mesoporous structure of the ready-made mass. It has a good secondary extension owing to which it is good for sealing of large cracks and cavities and window embrasures. It withstands large overloads and does not deform the construction.


Specifications: 2254-055-18738966-2012
Packaging option: 1020 g.
Application temperature range: -10-+35°С.
Curing time: up to 24 hours.
Secondary extension: 20-40%.
Volume at the output: up to 70 liters.
Storing period: