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Продукция «TriS»

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PN-3 Self-Leveling Floor

TriS brand

It is used for high-quality leveling of horizontal foundations (cement screed, cement floor with heating; concrete, floor tiled with ceramic or marble tiles) inside houses, offices and municipal facilities before laying of floor coatings made of ceramic tile, ceramic granite, glass mosaic, natural stone tile, parquet, linoleum, textile carpeting and etc. on bearing foundations with significant (up to 100 mm) differences or imperfections. It is also used for final thin-layer leveling (from 2 mm) of cement screeds and other recommended foundations with minor imperfections.


Specifications: 5745-003-43819168-08
Packaging option: 25 kg.
Application temperature range: +5-+30°С.
The amount of water per 1 kg.: 0,27-0,28 l.
Layer thickness: до 100 мм.
Material consumption: 22 kg/m2.
Water solution viability: 30 min.
Время твердения: 2-7 days.
Adhesion strength: 0,3 MPa.
Compressive strength: 15 MPa in 28 days.
Frost resistance: 35 cycles.
Storing period: 12 months.