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Продукция «TriS»

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Hydro K-4 Glue

TriS brand

This glue is intended for laying ceramic, glazed and mosaic tiles, tiles made of natural stone (including tiles of larger size and weight) in water reservoirs and rooms with high humidity while performing external and internal works. It is recommended for works on such difficult foundations as old tiling, surfaces which heat up to +70°С, underfloor heating systems, as well as for outer revetment (excepting the basement level), for works in interiors rooms with normal and high humidity (for bathrooms, balconies etc.) It is ideal for laying tile in swimming pools, shower cabins and other interiors with high humidity. Its increased bond strength and high adhesive ability allows to lay tiles top-down preventing sliding. Ready-made glue has high plasticity and is easy to use.

Specifications: 5745-001-43819168-07
Packaging option: 25 kg.
Application temperature range: +5-+30°С.
The amount of water per 1 kg..: 0.25-0.27 l.
Layer thickness: 3-10 mm.
Material consumption: 3,2 kg/m2 at 6 mm.
Water solution viability: 200 min.
Correction time: less than 20 min.
Adhesion strength: 1 MPa.
Compressive strength: 12 MPa.
Frost resistance: 35 cycles.
Storing period: 12 months.