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Продукция «TriS»

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M-150 Masonry Admixture

TriS brand

It is used for stone and brick masonry in the construction of residential, industrial, municipal and agricultural buildings and constructions made from single-piece materials (brick, stone, concrete blocks and etc.). It ensures high strength at hardening. Binding qualities of this admixture make it suitable for the erection of foundations from factory-made elements, as well as for basic floor arrangement. It is used for internal and external works.

Specifications: 5745-003-43819168-08
Packaging option: 25 kg.
Application temperature range: +5-+30°С.
The amount of water per 1 kg.: 0.25-0.27 l.
Layer thickness: до 10 мм.
Material consumption: 1 kg/m2.
Water solution viability: 120 min.
Curing time: 48-12 hours.
Adhesion strength: 0,6 MPa.
Compressive strength: 15 MPa in 28 days.
Frost resistance: 35 cycles.
Storing period: 12 months.