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  • (85594) 4-80-86, 4-90-37, 4-90-48, 4-86-97, 4-91-19


T-1 Machine Applied Plaster
M-150 Masonry Admixture
PN-3 Self-Leveling Floor
PN-2 Self-Leveling Floor
PN-1 Cement Screed
T-3 Plaster
T-2 Plaster
Theplis K-6 Glue
Thermolith K-5 Glue
Hydro K-4 Glue
Elast K-3 Glue
Standard K-2 Glue
Econom K-1 Glue
Sh-1 Filling

Doors Construction Foam
Winter Construction Foam
Home Construction Foam
Windows Construction Foam
Foam Cleaner

Foam Cleaner
Construction Foam all-season
Construction Foam winter

The use of progressive researches and raw materials of high quality allowed to obtain high quality TriS constructional materials.
A wide scope of characteristics allows to choose and use TriS products both in professional building and repairing of your home.
Adoption of modern technologies and unification of TriS production processes which allow to carry out products quality control at every stage of production.
Revelation of regularities and interrelation between physical and chemical characteristics of  manufactured construction materials promotes maximum gratification of the client’s needs.